Mark T. Wendell Tea Company

The finest teas and accessories for the perfect cup of tea

Since 1904, The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has been supplying fine teas to generations of tea connoisseurs. They offer a full range of over 45 estate grown specialty teas, 6 signature tea blends, 5 herbal tisanes and 11 imported packaged tea brands. All Mark T. Wendell brand loose teas are packed in elegant one pound, half pound and quarter pound tea tins. Some of their more popular teas are also available in tagless tea bags.

The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company also carries a wide selection of tea pots and tea brewing accessories. The company's selection of premium teas and tea brewing accessories includes:
  • Black tea -- From the full-bodied, malty Assam, to traditional Chinese teas like smoky Lapsang Souchong, these are the most popular types of teas consumed in the U.S. Available in loose leaf tins, with select varieties packed in teabags.
  • Green tea -- Researchers have been touting the health benefits of green tea for years, and the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has the finest loose green tea available. Select a slightly sweet Dragon Well green, delicate Gunpowder green or any of their other healthy varieties. Available in loose leaf tins, with select varieties packed in teabags.
  • Oolong tea-- A unique tea that is "in between" black and green tea, these semi-oxidized teas from China and Taiwan produce a light cup of tea with fruity overtones.
  • Decaf tea -- For those times when you prefer less caffeine, select one of Mark T. Wendell’s decaffeinated teas, including Decaffeinated Darjeeling, Decaffeinated Sencha Green, and Decaffeinated Earl Grey.
  • Organic tea -- Grown and cultivated naturally, these green and black teas are perfect as gifts for tea drinkers who prefer an organic option.
  • White tea -- Delicate and slightly sweet, these teas are among the rarest produced. Although not as well known as green teas, researchers have found that white tea can benefit one’s health just as much as the more popular green varieties.
  • Herbal tea -- For tea without the caffeine, many people enjoy herbal teas or tisanes – they also like the health benefits of herbal tea. From Egyptian Chamomile to Peppermint Leaf and South African Rooibos, the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has several popular varieties. Choose your favorites or create an assorted herbal tea gift sampler for someone special.
  • Tea pots and brewing accessories -- The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company also features the loose tea brewing accessories which are essential for making the perfect pot of tea. Select tea balls, strainers, gold infusers, paper filters, glass tea press pots, or the classic Brown Betty teapots so prized by English tea drinkers.
  • Imported by Mark T. Wendell -- Looking for those hard to find British, French, Chinese and Japanese packaged tea products? The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company distributes many of these items, including: Boston Harbour Tea, Lifeboat, PG Tips, Typhoo, London Fruit and Herb Co. herbals, Indar and several others.
The Mark T. Wendell Tea Company selects and purchases only the finest teas from growing estates and importers located around the world and insists on obtaining the lowest possible price for you without compromising the superior quality of their teas. They are committed to bringing you the finest cup of tea every time. Whether you order from their catalog or from their website, you will receive excellent service and prompt delivery of their full range of teas, teapots and brewing accessories.

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