Bud K Catalog

Quality Knives, Swords, Medieval Weaponry and Soft Air Guns from Bud K Catalog

Since 1989, Bud K Catalog has held the distinction of being the number one source for anything with an edge. Featuring the largest selection of knives including Bud K collectors knives, swords, and personal defense items, they also offer a collection of samurai swords, medieval helmets, fantasy daggers, Air Soft guns and novelty items. Top quality products at the lowest prices guaranteed! Get the Edge with the BUD K CATALOG!

Featuring Bud K collector knives
  • Collector Knives - Get ready to fill your case with Bud K collector knives. Bud K has thousands of fantasy and functional knives in more handle materials and blade designs than you've ever seen. From military and tactical to historical collectibles, there is something for everyone.

  • Collectible Swords Gallore - You'll think you've walked into a Japanese sword shop once you see Bud K's stock of authentic collectible swords and sword displays. Whether you're into medieval, fantasy, samurai or ninja, you'll find a sword suitable for any warrior…or just to hang on your wall for display. Bud K also carries tons of sword display plaques and stands.

  • Medieval Arms - You can't defend your castle without the proper medieval armor and weapons! With accurate representations of medieval coat of arms and other medieval goodies, you'll be sure to find the perfect medieval shield, sword, chain mail suit, medieval helmet or battle axe to complete your collection from the Bud K catalog.

  • Personal Defense - Protection from this crazy world is a concern for everyone these days. Bud K has plenty of products to help lessen your worry for your family members when they're away. From Stun Guns disguised as cell phones to pepper spray so strong it will take down a grizzly bear, Bud K's defense products take the target off your back. SAP gloves, SAP hats, handcuffs and expandable batons are also available.

  • Outdoor Enjoyment - Tired of the boring office grind? Get outside with Bud K's hefty supply of blow guns, RC toys, throwing axes, crossbows and slingshots, you'll have hours and hours of outdoor entertainment. Fly your RC Helicopter over the AIr Soft battle field, or maybe take an RC amphibious tank into the pool.
Whether you're in the market for a pocket knife to last a lifetime, ready to get your Air Soft game on, fending off an attacker with a stun gun,flying an RC helicopter around the house or trying to survive in the wilderness, the BUD K CATALOG has what you need at the prices you deserve. Get the Edge with the BUD K CATALOG!

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