Gourmet Seed

Buy seeds online - Gourmet vegetable seeds, herb, sprout and flower seeds

Select from a huge variety of gourmet herb, sprout, flower and vegetable seeds online, from the Gourmet Seed International catalog.

  • Buy Seeds Online - Enjoy better tasting produce that you grow right in your own backyard. Sprout and savor fresh garden flavors when you buy seeds online from the Gourmet Seed catalog, featuring high quality flower, herb and vegetable seeds online, as well as specialty heirloom, hybrid, and organic seeds found all around the world.

  • Flower Seeds - Buy seeds online that will give your home curbside appeal as well as a touch of backyard beauty with an assortment of annual flower seeds, conveniently assorted alphabetically from A to Z. Take a walk on the wild side with Native Seeds by Bamert, Ornamentals, and Perennial Flower seeds online that will thrive and blossom now and for multiple seasons to come.

  • Gourmet Vegetable Seeds - Expand your vegetable garden with bushels of premium vegetable seeds online. Browse 5 varieties of bean seeds, leafy greens, melon seeds, onions, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, cucumbers, corn, and more delicious gourmet vegetable seeds that will ensure that you get your 5 servings of veggies in each and every day.

  • Herb Seeds - Whether you use them as a vital ingredient or as a garnish, every meal tastes and looks better with garden fresh herbs added to the recipe. Shop a vast selection of herb seeds to grow your own parsley, basil, capers, chives, cilantro, dill, sage, thyme and other herb basics. You can also buy seeds online for your cats and bunnies to feast on with fresh pet greens that are safe for pets to eat while aiding in digestion and distracting them from your flower beds and vegetable patches.

  • Sprouting - Take advantage of the health benefits of sprouts with Bavicchi's finest organic sprout seeds from Italy, delivered right to your door. Choose from vitamin rich soy and sunflower sprout seeds, flax, fennel, alfalfa sprout seeds, bean sprout seeds and plenty more. Buy seeds online by packet, can or by seed weight, in sizes up to 500 grams.

  • Gardening Supplies & Gifts - Celebrate the gardener in your life with cool gifts for growers who love digging their green thumbs into the soil. You'll find gardening gloves and pruners, gardening books, gourmet seeds, plant tags, solar lanterns, mini greenhouses and various garden tools to tackle any job. Can't decide? Treat them to an electronic gift card that they can use to buy seeds online, garden tools, or any other gardening essential that their heart desires.
Welcome to a world of flavor! When you buy seeds online from Gourmet Seed International, you say yes to saving on produce, herbs and fresh flowers, yes to going green, and yes to flavor.

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