Wind & Weather

Weather products and whimsical garden and home decor

Wind & Weather catalog offers a complete selection of indoor and outdoor weather products, instruments and gifts from home weather stations to weather vanes, plus elegant home and garden ornaments.

Weather products - The Wind & Weather catalog prepares you for any kind of weather that comes your way with a state-of-the-art collection of weather products and instruments from professional weather stations for home use to barometers, hygrometers and antique weather vanes that add a classic touch. You'll also find fine weather kites and telescopes, nature inspired eco-friendly decor and accessories that add an instant beauty to your home and garden.


Weather stations for home - No matter what weather blows your way, Wind and Weather will make sure you have the information you need to keep your home and your family safe with professional home weather stations that will give you every detail on the status of weather brewing outside your door. Choose from easy to read weather products centers, starters and advanced wireless weather stations that provide all of the latest data, come rain or come shine.


Weather forecasters - Transform your home into an all-knowing home weather station with hi-tech weather products that display up-to-date weather forecasts using the very same sophisticated analysis as your local TV stations! Choose from regional weather forecasters that are satellite-assisted, audio or internet based weather forecasters that will give you weather basics, faster than you can tune in to your local news.


Weather vanes - Whether you love the style or the function of antique weather vanes, Wind & Weather products have a handsome assortment to choose from. From classic copper weather vanes to weather vanes shaped like roosters, horses, fish, airplanes, boats and mermaids, you'll enjoy a wide range of novelty weather vanes that will give your home charm and direction, now and for years to come.


Weather preparation - You'll be ready to weather any storm with Wind and Weather's handy supply of weather preparation products from LED lanterns and oil lamps to wind resistant umbrellas, emergency radios, flashlights and other must-have storm lifesavers.

At home with nature since 1976, the Wind & Weather catalog has explored their passion for the weather as one of the leading, world-trusted suppliers of innovative weather products. Whether you're decorating your home or garden or making sure you are well equipped for storm season, Wind and Weather has everything you need, any way the wind blows.

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