Richters Herbs

Herb plants and seeds for sale from Richters plant catalog

Since 1969 Richters Herbs plant catalogs have been your main source for everything herbal, featuring an A to Z selection of medicinal, culinary and aromatic herb plants for sale.

Herb plants for sale - From Aloe Vera to Wormwood, Richters Herb catalogs feature everything you need to enjoy your own potted herb garden at home, featuring an extensive collection of potted herbs for sale that serve a variety of functions. From cooking to healing and keeping bugs away from your most precious plants, you'll find basic herb plants for sale like basil, oregano and thyme, dried herbs and decadent dessert herbs including chocolate mint, stevia and lavender that will add a special touch to any recipe.


Medicinal plants - Enjoy a healthy selection of medicinal herb plants for sale at Richters that feature incredible and all-natural healing properties and benefits! From aloe vera to treat nasty burns and allergies to ginseng for stress, chamomile for an upset stomach and rosemary to calm the nerves, Richters plant catalogs offer an assortment of medicinal plants that can cure almost any and every ailment.


Vegetable plants - Whether it's herb seeds or herb plants for sale, Richters Herbs will ensure that your family gets their daily recommended allowance of veggies in with a delicious, healthy and all natural selection of vegetable plants to choose from. Besides their fine selection of potted herbs, browse Richters' plant catalogs for everything from hearty kale and leek plants to onions, peppers, broccoli, artichoke, eggplant, fennel and 7 different varieties of tomato plants to incorporate into your next home-cooked meal!


Herb seeds - If you enjoy growing your own herbs, veggies and plants, browse the Richters plant catalog for a selection of vegetable and herb seeds for sale both by the packet or in bulk. Find seed packets that contain 100 or more seeds, even thousands in many cases, featuring brands like SowNatural seeds that are certified organic, grown organically by trusted growers or collected from the wild and free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


Whether you're searching for herb garden plants for your kitchen or medicine cabinet, you'll find the most complete crop of herb plants for sale, seeded in the pages of Richters Herbs plant catalogs. Don't forget to visit often to enjoy even more herb plants and seed varieties added every day!

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