Select Seeds

Flower seeds, plants and seedlings for a spectacular flower garden

The Select Seeds catalog helps your garden blossom with heirloom flower seeds that produce fragrant flowers, flowering vines, and more.

Select Seeds catalog - Enjoy heirloom treasures for modern gardens with a vintage selection of unique, high-quality heirloom seeds and plant varieties that originated fifty or more years ago. The Select Seeds flower seed catalog specializes in old-fashioned fragrant flowers, flowering vines, and rare annuals and perennials, so you can feel confident that you will never receive genetically engineered seeds or plants. Instead, you'll enjoy access to only the most outstanding selection of heirloom flower seeds with many floral and plant varieties featured exclusively by Select Seeds.


Antique flower seeds - Select Seeds specializes in a select assortment of antique flowers; open-pollinated flowers that are fertilized naturally by insects, hummingbirds or the wind. A legacy lives on, as the seeds generating from these heirloom wonders will eventually go on to produce plants that are identical or very similar to the parent plant. Flower your garden with an A to Z variety of antique florals with seeds that will bring forth beautiful blossoms, from rare African Foxglove seeds to Golden State Zinnia seeds and everything in between. Browse their extensive flower seed catalog for Cottage Garden annuals including Cosmos seeds, Nasturtium seeds and Poppy seeds, perennials, Bee friendly flowers, flowers for beneficial insects, foliage or sweeping flowering vines that will add charm and visual interest to any garden.


Herbs and edible seeds - The Select Seeds catalog helps you supplement your herb garden with a number of spice rack staples including sweet basil, creeping thyme, flavorful Greek oregano and Italian Flat Leaf parsley that will garnish, season and complement all of your delicious home-cooked meals. You'll also find edible seeds to cultivate your own vegetable garden with organic vegetable seeds that allow you to grow your own Heirloom tomato plants, lettuce, beets, kale, eggplant, fennel, zucchini, chard and even more tasty and all natural organic vegetables.


Plant seeds - Whether your garden calls for plants that exude intoxicating aromas, handsome foliage, heirloom tomatoes for your favorite recipes, or all of the above, you'll find a bright and colorful blend of greenery to choose from. Find a handsome assortment of annual plants as well as container plants that will brighten up any space. If you can't settle on just one plant variety, Select Seeds features a kaleidoscope of plant combinations that any plant lover will adore with collections that combine multiple varieties ranging from confetti hued window box garden plants to aromatic Sweet Peas and magnificent Moon Garden marvels.

The gardening team at Select Seeds is dedicated to helping other gardeners grow their gardens with ease and success while ensuring that every generation is able to enjoy the blossoms that were grown yesterday and long before that. Shop the Select Seeds catalog for the finest quality seeds that are packed with the utmost care, while enjoying helpful growing instructions, tips, and free seeds! That's right, all orders containing seed items receive a free packet of seeds, Select Seeds' choice.

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