Prairie Nursery

Native plants, wildflowers and grasses for beautiful, eco-friendly gardening

Prairie Nursery offers the highest quality and variety of native plants and seeds to gardeners; including wildflowers, grasses, ferns and shrubs - all unrivaled for supporting butterflies, pollinators, and birds in the garden and landscape.

  • Pre-Planned Gardens - The experts at the Prairie Nursery have done the planning for you with their professionally designed gardens. You'll be impressed with the beautiful and diverse balance of native perennials, and admire the season-long blooms and natural landscape coverage in the winter. With their pre-planned gardens you can save as much as 30%, and receive a complete layout plan and easy to follow planting instructions.

  • Native Plants - Native plants offer tremendous ecological benefits the landscape and wildlife, and you'll find that these healthy, nursery propagated plants are both hardy and beautiful. Their Plant Finder tool helps you plant your natural garden with the plants that are best suited to the growing conditions in your region. You'll have fun sorting through the selection, from Maidenhair Fern, Lavender Hyssop and Black Cohosh, to Prairie Onion, Chokeberry and Northern Sea Oats. You'll love the U-Pick Plant Kit, which lets you customize your own 32 plant tray.

  • Native Seeds - How does your garden grow? With Prairie Nursery seeds, your wildflower and native grass garden will be admired by everyone, and appreciated by birds, beneficial insects and wildlife. The seeds here are Pure Live Seed (PLS) - all tested for purity and germination capability. The experts here track the ecotype origin of their seed inventory and provide this at your request. Native seeds from the upper Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan) are well represented, and with the Prairie Nursery coupon code, you can indulge your love of gardening.

  • Exclusive Seed Mixes - If you have more than 1,000 square feet of land to cover, the native seed mixes in the Prairie Nursery catalog may be the best choice for you. They have designed 24 exclusive mixes of flowers and grasses with the inspiration of native plant communities. Browse their beautiful color photos and poetic descriptions to select the seed mix that is the best match for your site.
A No Mow Lawn sounds like a dream, but at Prairie Nursery a drought tolerant, eco-friendly lawn is the perfect alternative to a traditional lawn. The complete instructions for establishing a No Mow Lawn are easy to access. Put an end to the constant watering, mowing, and fertilizing with a drought tolerant, low maintenance lawn - and a quieter, healthier environment!

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