Grow your own Organic food with 100% non-GMO seeds from the best seed catalog

Plant it. and eat! All 100% Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO), Non-Hybridized Heirlooms, and Open-Pollinated seeds from the extensive organic seed catalog at SeedsNow.

  • Veggie Seeds - Grow your own nutritious garden of fresh and natural vegetables featuring open-pollinated, non-hybrid, Non-GMO vegetable seeds online that are 100% free of genetically modified organisms and chemical alterations. Shop veggie seeds alphabetically, with tasty varieties that range from arugula and artichokes to rutabagas, zucchini, and every veggie in between. From the garden to your table, you'll feel good growing, cooking and serving fresh and delicious vegetables that were made the way nature intended.

  • Herb Seeds - Cultivate an herb garden to be admired with a selection of organic culinary and medicinal herb seeds that have the power to heal common ailments and to take everyday recipes to new heights. Their seed catalog has basics like basil, parsley, oregano and thyme to hard to find varieties like catmint and hyssop. You'll find all of your favorites available by the packet or housed in convenient kits and sleek hand-crafted Grow Bottles made from re-claimed wine bottles.

  • Variety Packs - Have a favorite veggie? If you're partial to peppers, treat your garden to an all-in-one Variety Pack that includes 14 popular hot, sweet and spicy varieties that are easy to grow and guaranteed to spice up any meal. Supplement your tomato garden with a dozen popular as well as rare heirloom tomato varieties that will make any sauce, soup or salad spectacular. Reap the rewards and enjoy now and later, your SeedsNow seed catalog purchases can be re-harvested year after year.

  • Gifts & Gadgets - Find the perfect gift to delight the gardener in your life with green gift ideas that will thrill amateurs and expert growers alike. Make growing easy and effortless with do it yourself Seed Banks and Bombs, Grow Bottles, Boxes, and Kits that will help anyone discover a hidden green thumb. You'll find DIY Gardens in pails, bags, and a bushel of must-have garden supplies and gadgets including starter soil and pellets, plant sensors, seed storage containers, and a library of gardening books and guides that will have you growing green in no time.
SeedsNow makes it possible to grow your own organic food right in your own backyard, with all natural and Non-GMO fruit, herb and vegetable seeds online, suitable for every taste, available in every variety.

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