High Country Gardens

Xeriscape plants and flowers for low water gardening

The High Country Gardens catalog provides an eco-friendly collection of water wise and xeriscape plants that will help you enjoy nature's beauty while preserving nature's resources.

  • Plants - The High Country Gardens catalog is a leading source for the environmentally conscious gardener, featuring a carefully selected supply of eco-friendly, low water plants that are coveted for their low drought tolerance. Explore their catalog or online nursery to find your favorite hardy perennials and annuals, conifers, cacti and succulents, ornamental grasses, shrubs and samplers that will ship right from their greenhouses to your doorstep. Cultivate your dream garden, conserve water, and add lush beauty to your backyard with ready to plant selections of Xeriscape and water wise plants that will replenish nature's resources while providing food and shelter for nature's creatures.

  • Perennials - Lavish your landscapes with a bright and beautiful array of colorful xeriscape plants and perennials that will keep your gardens in full bloom and blossoming with less water. Discover an award-winning potpourri of celebrated perennials of every color and genus as well as easy to plant pre-planned gardens, water wise xeric and very water wise selections that will reap success in any garden, landscape or terrain. Choose from fragrant Lavender and Thyme, herbal Echinacea, award-winning Agastache, and dozens of other nectar-rich perennial plants.

  • Seeds - Supplement your existing gardens or start a brand new garden from scratch with a high quality assortment of garden seeds, mixes and collections. Whether you're planting a kaleidoscope of wildflowers, tasty gourmet vegetables and herbs, or acres of no-mow lawns and native grass, the High Country Gardens catalog specializes in a fine variety of seedlings for every interest, including a series of beautifully packaged seed gift sets that will delight gardeners of all ages and levels of expertise.

  • Garden Goods - Keep your eco conscious gardens thriving throughout the seasons with all of the gardening tools and supplies you need stored in your garden shed. From flower pots, planters and décor to nourishing plant supplements and fertilizers, you'll find an essential selection of garden tools and gardening books, decorative garden statues, beguiling birdbaths and butterfly feeders, plus preventative pest control and animal deterrents that will keep your gardens safe and protected against unwanted intruders.
The High Country Gardens catalog is your source for beautiful plants for the water wise garden, featuring a flourishing variety of water wise plants and perennials that will help make gardening easier and more environmentally friendly for those who live in dryer climates.

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