Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney collectibles - fine art sculptures and ceramic figurines

It starts with a dream. A dream of discovering, in three-dimensional porcelain, the enchanting essence of what makes a Disney moment so magical, a Disney character so unforgettable.

As you explore the Walt Disney Classics Collection, look closely at the fine details and craftsmanship of every piece. For each sculpture is the result of the skill and artistry of some of the most innovative and exquisite porcelain making in the world.

So the process that starts with a dream ends with a dream-come-true that you can hold in your hand…and treasure happily ever after.

Make childhood magic last forever with beautiful Disney ceramic figurines from the Enesco figurines collection. Choose from hundreds of your favorite Disney figurine collectibles, including:
  • Winnie the Pooh collectibles - The cuddly old bear remains one of the most beloved of all collectible figurines. Select from classic Winnie the Pooh figurines - perfect for your own collection of Disney ceramic figurines, or as a gift for a friend who understands the wisdom of a silly bear.

  • Minnie and Mickey Mouse collectibles - Mickey Mouse is the first of the characters to appear as Walt Disney collectibles. Enesco brings you both original and modern Mickey Mouse figurines, so you can see the changes in this original Disney figurine over the years.

  • Classic Tinkerbell figurines - If you clapped to save Tinkerbell, you'll love their beautiful Tinkerbell figurine choices. Relive the magic of Never-Never Land and flights through the London night sky when you choose one of these classic Disney figurine collectibles.

  • Disney princess figurines - Make dreams come true with a Disney princess figurine. Whether you choose a lovely classic like a Disney Cinderella figurine or Snow White, or one of today's film princesses like Mulan, Esmeralda, or Ariel, each Disney princess figurine captures the grace and beauty of these film heroines in treasured Enesco Walt Disney collectibles.

  • The full cast of Disney characters - Browse their collection - from Donald Duck figurines and Goofy figurines to Jack Sparrow from the , each Disney porcelain figurine will bring back memories of seeing these unforgettable characters on the screen or in one of the Disney parks.

Give someone special the gift of fond memories, dreams come true, and happy ever after. Let Enesco and the Walt Disney Classics bring the magic home.

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