Uno Alla Volta

Handcrafted artisan jewelry, unique gifts and home decor from the Uno Alla Volta catalog

Handcrafted artisan jewelry, home decor and more unique treasures that are intricately handcrafted.

handcrafted artisan jewelry - Jewelry can be more than just an accessory. Jewelry can serve as the focal point for any ensemble with wearable art that has the power to express a memory, tell a story…elicit a smile. Explore the Uno Alla Volta catalog collection of beautifully handcrafted artisan jewelry that reflects both the artisan's spirit and your own individuality with exquisite treasures that are carefully crafted by artisans around the world. Shop by theme, category or material featuring unique handcrafted jewelry pieces that range from Art Deco to Art Nouveau, Dragonflies to Dichroic Glass and more artisan crafted wonders.


Home Decor - Uno Alla Volta Catalog helps you make a statement with captivating handcrafted artisan jewelry while filling your home with decorative accents that are created by utilizing time honored techniques passed down from generation to generation. Surround yourself with unique artisan-crafted elements that will transform your rooms including wall decor, lighting, vases, clocks, candles, entertaining accessories, sculptures and figurines, and more decorative home and garden accents that will reflect your signature personality as well as your signature style.


Collectibles - Besides their exclusive collections of unique handcrafted jewelry, you'll also find a long list of fine collectibles made from the Hearts and Hands of Artisans, collectibles that you'll love to both give and receive. Choose from a variety of cleverly designed objets d'art including collectible kaleidoscopes and keepsake boxes, ornaments, Venetian masks, toys and games and other trifles and trinkets that you will never want to part with.


Gifts - Indulge them with exquisite gifts for your significant other, as well as unique gifts for the hostess, the corporate colleague, or the little one. Whether it's a gift to celebrate the holiday season or a romantic gift honoring Valentine's Day, you'll find a coveted collection of gifting options. From handcrafted artisan jewelry and gemstones for her to sterling silver cufflinks and pocketknives for him, they'll fall in love with the Uno Alla Volta catalog of gifts that are all expertly made with time and impeccable detail, uno alla volta (one at a time).

From handcrafted artisan jewelry to eye-catching sculptures, figurines and collectibles, the Uno Alla Volta catalog gives you access to the most special treasures and unique gifts around the world, gifts that deserve to be appreciated and cherished one at a time.

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