Hestia Creations

Nativity figurines, angel and Santa figurines, custom collectible gifts and more

Since 1986, Hestia Creations has been crafting exquisitely detailed works of art, creating over 4,000 custom designs from Nativity figurines and Santa figurines for the holiday season to hand painted ceramics and ornaments, unique watercolors, angel figurine gifts and more one of a kind artistic creations.

  • Hestia Creations - Named after the Greek goddess of home and hearth, Hestia Creations is a custom design art studio that specializes in creating the perfect gifts for you and your loved ones to share with a selection of custom artwork that can only be described as heavenly. From collectible nativity figurines, Santa and angel figurines to custom watercolors and ceramics, when you order a Hestia Creation, it will be a work of art that you will treasure now and forever.

  • Nativity figurines & Santa figurines - Celebrate the holidays with Nativity figurines and Annual Santa figurines that will become cherished Christmas traditions every time they make an appearance. Collect handmade Nativity figurines that can be purchased in sets or individually with new collectible figurines introduced every year. Find a handsome collection of Santa figurines and more artistic creations featuring unique textural elements from fabrics to faux fur that help serve as a unique way to celebrate the joys and spirit of Christmas.

  • Trio of Angel figurines - Find an angelic trio of angel figurines that are hand-cast, hand-painted and expertly hand-crafted. Add this Trio of Angels to your nativity figurine collection, or enjoy them long after the season has ended. With every angel figurine made by hand, one piece at a time, you'll delight in knowing that your figurine is a unique, one of a kind creation that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Custom Design Collection - Besides their Nativity figurines and Santa figurines, Hestia Creations allows you to create your own exclusive designs with custom, handmade creations that make ideal remembrances for special events, holidays, fundraising and any occasion you wish to commemorate. Choose from AmeriScape ornaments designed from your own photographs, VillageScapes mini sculptures of treasured local landmarks or town scenes, and charming hand painted ceramic gifts.

  • Watercolor gifts - Whether you'd like to pay homage to your alma mater, favorite inn, or other town landmark that fills you with warm memories, Hestia Creations has a studio filled with talented artisans that will paint you the perfect picture every time with custom watercolors and gifts that are custom designed to depict your chosen subject on note cards, paperweights, magnets, Christmas ornaments and seasonal Santas.
The custom design studio artists at Hestia Creations take pride in their craft and work diligently in order to bring you the most detailed and unique custom gifts that are all made in North America. Treat yourself to affordable art featuring handmade Nativity figurines and Santa figurines for the holidays and watercolors and ceramics to enjoy all year long. When you want personalized gifts that tell a story, Hestia Creations makes sure that every single creation is truly a work of art.

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