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The Museum Store - Museum quality jewelry replicas, reproductions and works of art

The Museum Store Company brings together the best of the world's history and art museum shops. Select from the finest museum replicas including jewelry, fossils, and art, statue and sculpture masterpieces.

  • Magnificent museum jewelry - Choose from outstanding museum replicas of beautiful historic jewelry, including reproductions of pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the Victorian era and the early 20th century.

  • Fine art reproductions - Bring the greatest works of art into your home or office when you choose works of ancient, classical and modern art, statue and sculpture from the Museum Store. Whether you prefer a sculpture from ancient Greece or China, or a print of a famous photograph, you are sure to be delighted with the outstanding quality of each and every item in their collection.

  • Artifacts from the natural world - Learn about the treasures of nature when you select from a fascinating collection of reproduction fossils, prehistoric skulls, and human skulls, perfect for a collector or the classroom.

  • Collectible home decor - Accent your home or add to a collection of fine art reproductions of celebrated ancient and modern vases, bowls, figurines, tapestries, sculpture, wall accessories and more gathered from museum shops around the world. Each item has been reproduced with painstaking-attention to historic accuracy.
The Museum Store Company offers you a chance to own a bit of history. Browse their museum shop website for fine replicas of museum jewelry, gifts, and collectible home decor, or to add to your collection of fine period pieces.

Own a piece of History - Give a piece of History!

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