Tapestry Catalog

Find a woven tapestry wall hanging to enrich your home decor

Tapestry Catalogue specializes in fine European wall tapestry. Choose from large and small wall tapestries for hanging, plus decorative tapestry home accents.

  • Inspirational tapestry wall hangings - Add the rich warmth of tapestry and an inspirational image to your wall when you select from their religious tapestry wall hanging collection. Browse their Christian and Buddhist wall hanging images, or choose one of their lovely tree of life tapestries for hanging and creating an inspiring focal point on your wall in any room.

  • Renaissance and medieval tapestries - Bring the classic beauty of fine wall tapestries into your home. Enjoy hanging famous modern designs in your home or medieval art and Renaissance artwork, including replicas of the famous Lady and the Unicorn pictures displayed in the Cloisters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Famous works of art in tapestry - Enjoy classic works of art reinterpreted as wall tapestries. Choose Medieval or early Renaissance art, classical 18th and 19th century pieces, or modern works rendered in the rich textural medium of woven tapestry.

  • Tapestry home accents - Carry the look of your wall tapestry into the rest of the room with colorful tapestry throws, pillows, bell pulls and other home accents, Whether you choose the Arts and Crafts designs of William Morris, or the pastoral images of medieval tapestries, you'll find the perfect images to enrich any decor.

  • Decorative tapestry hangers - Display your beautiful tapestry wall hanging on one of their elegant large or small wall tapestry rods.
The Tapestry Catalogue brings the beauty and elegance of Renaissance tapestry into your home. Whether you select a medieval wall image for hanging, or a set of richly-patterned pillows for your living room, you'll love the timeless look of fine woven tapestry hanging in your home.

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