Woodland Catalog

Smokey the Bear collectibles, apparel and educational materials

Smokey Bear is a familiar part of the American culture. Now you can have original Smokey Bear merchandise.

  • Smokey Bear apparel -- Choose T-shirts, sweatshirts and children’s wear, all featuring the familiar face of Smoky Bear and his famous fire prevention slogans . There's also hats, patches and shirts which are great for summer camp, vacations or any time you want to guarantee a smile.

  • Smokey Bear collectibles and bear lovers gifts -- From cuddly Smokey Bear stuffed animals to unique belt buckles in pewter or sterling silver, they have bear gifts of every kind. Choose a mug, blanket throw or sheet set decorated with familiar Smokey Bear pictures. Or delight collectors with Smokey Bear thimbles, spoons and lapel pins or National Forest Service official logo dishes. From Rudolph Wendelin prints to rustic figurines, they have something for every Smokey fan or bear collector.

  • Educational supplies -- Teachers and camp counselors will love the fire prevention materials, pins, hand-outs and posters. Choose a Smoky Bear or Woodsy Owl patch to mark the completion of a forestry unit, or a safety whistle or other inexpensive novelty gift item to welcome new campers.
Celebrate our nation’s forest lands with the best loved symbol of the U.S.D.A Forest Service --- Smokey. Whether you choose hats, jackets, western belt buckles, toys or mugs, you’ll just have to smile when you see Smokey’s familiar face looking back at you.

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