Shock Aid

Dressing tools, hygiene aids and sock pullers

Shock Aid catalog carries the dressing aids that make your life easier, helping with socks, compression stockings, shoes and personal hygiene.

  • Dressing Aid - Make life easier with a convenient, lightweight, aluminum dressing aid from Shock Aid. Designed to help you put on both your shoes and your socks - shoes + socks = shock - this assistive device is easy to use, durable and very affordable. If you need assistance with every personal tasks, like getting dressed, you will love this quality product and the companion long handled shoe horn. Designed by an occupational therapist with more than 25 years of experience, you will find that you regain the ability to take care of yourself, without frustration or embarrassment.

  • Compression Sock Aid - Stop struggling with pulling up your compression stockings and socks. Medically necessary for many, but difficult to put on, the simple personal dressing device from the Shock Aid is your answer. The compression sock aid makes life easier by eliminating the frustration and awkwardness of pulling on your support socks. This dressing tool is designed for people who have bending limitations, hip precautions or arthritis. If you have weak finger and grasp strength, has the solution.

  • Personal Hygiene Aid - Preserve your dignity with the Tidy Wiper, and portable Tidy Wiper tool, the perfect solution for holding toilet paper and wash clothes for personal hygiene. These discrete and useful assistive devices keep your bathroom time private, and make it possible for you to take back your independence. A toilet aid is a simple, but essential, component of daily living - and the tools at are the solution to what can be an embarrassing dilemma. Get a new grip on personal hygiene!
Shock Aid dressing tools are a lifesaver for the elderly, disabled or people recovering from surgery - helping to preserve independence by making everyday tasks possible.

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