Comfortable, quality hearing aids at super low prices

Hearing doesn't have to be expensive. MD Hearing Aid offers affordable, quality solutions for thousands of hearing loss patients with a doctor designed line of analog and digital devices.

  • MD Hearing Aid Air - This is the most popular hearing aid here and incorporates features and technology usually only found in hearing devices that cost thousands of dollars. The AIR is almost invisible, mini behind the ear digital hearing aid. With the ComfortTIPS feature, this device directs sound to the ear drum with custom ear molds. Purchase the hearing solution that works best for you, for the left or right ear, or a pair for improved hearing in both your ears. Like all their products, the AIR comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

  • MD Hearing Aid Pro - This premium analog hearing aid has changed the hearing aid industry and benefited more than 75,000 PRO wearers. The PRO provides crisp, clear sound, better circuits, improved components and a remarkably low price. This behind the ear design is comfortable and so discreet that only those closest to you will even know you are wearing it. The simple 2 program toggle switch decreases background noise and helps you cohose the best program for your hearing loss. You can purchase one PRO for under $200 or save even more on your purchase of two PROS.

  • MD Hearing Aid FIT - Slip this patented in the ear design into your ear and don't be surprised if it is so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. The FIT combines natural air movement with top of the line digital technology for a fraction of the price of a custom assistive device. The FIT is the smallest and most advanced audiologist tested device available from the MD Hearing Aid catalog. Don't miss the nuances of conversation and quiet sounds without whistling, annoying feedback or painful loud sounds.

  • Auditory Device Accessories - They also carry a full line of accessories for the FIT, AIR and PRO aids. It is always easy to order replacement tubing and domes, and quick shipping will have you hearing everything around you in no time. Stock up on size 13 or size 10 batteries and invest in a dehumidifier to protect your connection to the world of sound. You will also find earphones, soft wraps, premium foam tips and protective earplugs to pamper your hearing every day.
Every one of their products comes with a 45 day money back guarantee so that you can be confident you have purchased the best solution for your hearing deficits. Every single one of their unique designs has been developed by doctors, tested by expert audiologists and FDA registered.

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