Crafted Candles

Gorgeous candle designs - from floating and holiday candles to designs for every day

Crafted Candles catalog brings you the best candles ever made, featuring a captivating collection of designer home decor accessories to suit any style, season, taste or theme.

  • Shop by Type - Whether your prefer pure and natural beeswax or ball shapes, floating candles or varieties that are jarred, you'll enjoy an extensive selection of the best candle designs that will match and enhance any room theme. From straight sided to scented, tapers to tea lights, holiday candles to votives, you'll find options that will add beauty and incorporate intoxicating fragrance to your indoor living spaces as well as your patio. Choose from bold metallics, traditional pillars, themed wine cork, fish or flower shapes, unscented choices, and more hand dipped, dripless options that will suit your décor, set the mood, and spoil the senses with every flick of the match.

  • Shop by Occasion or Season - Celebrate in style with a bright assortment of options that will illuminate any holiday, event or special gathering. Complement your holiday table or spread with festive holiday candles for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Top the birthday cake with the best candles of all colors, sizes and shapes to match any party theme. You'll find seasonal selections to light during summer, winter, spring or fall, romantic heart shaped options to set the scene on Valentine's Day, and wedding day ceremony and reception selections including unity candles that will symbolize your lives becoming one.

  • Holders - Find the perfect container for your finely crafted creations, with elegant and classic holders for everyday use to whimsical and joyous designs reserved for holidays and extra special occasions. Choose from decorative taper and tea light holders, votive sized, square or round pillar holders that will add instant sophistication to any surface.

  • Accessories - Discover a selection of helpful accessories and must-haves for any candle enthusiast. You'll find paper and glass bobeches that will protect your furniture and surfaces against accidental wax drips, beeswax strips to keep your tapers standing straight and tall, and easy to use shavers to ensure that your candles are the perfect fit for any holder. Add even more to your décor with seasonally styled dishtowels for the kitchen, embellished jar toppers, and collectible porcelain plates, featuring over one dozen enchanting designs to choose from.
Crafted Candles will help you see the light in a new, fresh, and completely innovative way. Shop their vast selection of decorative pillars, tapers, and floating candles that are reliable, consistent and long-burning, designed to lighten rooms while lifting spirits.

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