The best light bulbs and accessories, from LED light bulbs to Christmas lighting and more

The best light bulbs, lighting systems, fixtures and lighting accessories, from 1000 Bulbs.

  • Best Light Bulbs - Allow 1000 Bulbs to light up your life with all of the lighting supplies you need to shine light both inside and outside your home, featuring the best light bulb selection you'll find online, from simple household light bulbs to cutting-edge specialty lighting systems and more. Choose from incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescents and fluorescent tubes, HID light bulbs, halogen lights, shatter resistant bulbs, black lights, the best LED light bulbs and full spectrum lighting products that simulate the same natural light that shines outdoors.

  • LED Lights - Embrace one of the most innovative, greener lighting technologies of today, with the best LED light bulbs that are not only mercury free, but have also been proven to consume less energy and exceed the life of traditional light bulbs, all while producing light quality that is equal or superior to other more common lighting products. Shop by brand, base type, beam angle, color or price to make your switch to LED lighting.

  • Ballasts - Besides the best light bulbs and LED lights in the lighting biz, 1000 Bulbs also helps you control your voltage with a wide selection of ballasts, all in stock and ready to ship. Choose from an extensive assortment of electronic fluorescent and halogen HID ballasts, metal halide ballasts, high and low pressure sodium ballasts, as well as transformers, capacitors, starters, ignitors, surge protectors, LED drivers and more lighting extras.

  • Christmas Lights - Deck the halls this holiday season with colorful light displays for indoors and out. Spread cheer with the 1000 Bulbs collection of multicolored mini Christmas light stringers, festive LED Snowfall lights, Rice lights, Christmas Rope Lights, Icicles, illuminated indoor/outdoor decorations, the best light bulb replacements for last year's Christmas lights, and other seasonal lighting options that will make your home the most envied house on the block.

  • Light Fixtures - Whether you favor track lighting or recessed lighting, chandeliers or sconces, 1000Bulbs.com will fit your home with the perfect fixture. Browse their selection of close to ceiling fixtures, vanity and wall light fixtures, pendant lights, under cabinet lights, outdoor lighting fixtures, floor lamps, desk lamps and table lamps. Don't forget to pick up a few packs of their best light bulbs to keep all of your fixtures shining their brightest.

  • Lighting Accessories - From the best light bulbs for everyday use to seasonal Christmas lights for the winter season, you'll find the light bulbs, systems and supplies you need all year long, plus an essential array of lighting accessories that will always keep you out of the dark. Choose from light diffusers, dimmers and timers, wall plates and wall switches, sockets, batteries and so much more.
1000Bulbs has been an influential force in the lighting industry for the past 15 years. Find the best light bulb selection, lighting systems, fixtures and supplies, from the company that will always serve as your go-to online light source.

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