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Tile accessories for the shower to the kitchen - even tile cutters and saws

For twenty years FlooringSupplyShop.com has served as the leader in shower seats, shower drain covers and quality tile accessories from tile saws to tile cutters.

  • Shower seats and bathroom accessories - Do you want to rejuvenate your senses? Well, then your bathroom can serve to be the best place for this purpose. Using the right bathroom accessories in your washroom can lend it a spa like appearance and help you to rejuvenate your senses! Bathroom accessories are an exciting collection of products which will make your bathroom truly spectacular.

    Bathroom accessories include simple products like soap cases, towel bars, tooth brush holders etc. These products are an integral part for your bathroom and lend it a neat and clean appearance. You can also get these products in stone finish which will give your bathroom a unique appearance and help you to spend more time inside it!

    Along with the soap cases you can also have stone benches and corner shower shelves made out of porcelain or other amazing stones. These benches will help you to completely relax in your bathroom and leave all your stress behind. You can also estimate the amount required to give your bathroom a stone finish with the help of flooring calculator.

  • Green products - Enjoy being green with premium eco friendly alternatives to the products that you use daily while helping save our planet. Protect the look and style of your tile and natural stones with products including Environmentally friendly Diamond Stone Polishing Pads for eco-friendly stone polishing, powerful stone and tile cleaners, grout cleaners and more products that will gently clean and maintain your stones and tiles the natural way.

  • Tile saws and other tile tools - FlooringSupplyShop.com not only provides you with discount tile flooring, but they also give you everything you need to make installation a safe and easy process. From tile saws and tile cutters to grout sealer and more, you'll find every tool you need to get those bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles up for everyone to admire. The Tuscan Leveling Systemô is an innovative new two-piece, cap & strap, installation system that is revolutionizing the way the world installs large format porcelain and stone tiles. This innovative new system is designed to be used with tiles of uniform thickness (gauged tile). The Tuscan Leveling Systemô will save the installer time and money. With the Tuscan Leveling Systemô, installers are able to set, align, level and space, thus reducing the need to re-lift tile and add more setting material to ensure alignment. In addition, by virtually eliminating lippage, this will reduce costly call backs and save the installers reputation, which is priceless.

  • Preformed Ready to Tile shower pans - You've installed your bathroom tile beautifully with your tile saws and accessories, but the shower isn't up to your standards just yet. FlooringSupplyShop.com has preformed shower pans that already come with handsome stainless steel square shower drains available in 4 amazing finishes - Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, White or Black Iron, plus Tile Depot's preformed shower pans have a warranty for 35 years!

  • SunTouch Radiant floor heating - Do you want to feel the warmth of those beautiful sun kissed Mediterranean beaches right inside your home? Well, now you can make your floors really warm with the help of SunTouch electrical floor heating. It is an innovative process which provides a beautiful appearance to your floors as well as keeps them warm. Flooring has always been associated with providing a protective layer to the floors of the home and lend them a neat and clean appearance. However, in the present day the scope of flooring has been broadened to provide extra features. The SunTouch Electrical floor heating fit perfectly into this new role.
So if your next project calls for new shower seats, shower niches, shower drain covers, tile saws or an expert tile cutter to cut your discount tile, find the most variety, the most value, and the most exceptional discounts at Tile Depot and FlooringSupplyShop.com.

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