Home Controls

Cutting-edge home automation systems, from lighting control to security, and more

Automate every inch of your abode with the most comprehensive home automation systems available, only from Home Controls.

  • Lighting Control - Enjoy the convenience of smart home systems that will save endless amounts of energy simply by regulating the operation of lights, entertainment components, appliances and devices so that they are only using power when needed. Invest in appliance and lighting control systems featuring light switches, wall receptacles, timer switches, wall plates, occupancy and motion sensors that will turn your exterior and interior lights on automatically, pre-programmed or at the touch of a button.

  • Home Controllers - Have your house fully equipped from top to bottom floor, inside and out with whole home automation systems that will allow you to integrate and control your lighting, climate, security, entertainment and other automated systems with minimal effort. Home Controls features an assortment of popular models from HAI, On-Q Unity, the M1 Gold and M1-EZ from Elk Products, and others.

  • Security - Keep your family, possessions and property protected with state of the art security sensors, access controls, sirens, security lighting and cameras, RF wireless transmitters and receivers that will give your home 24 hour security you can count on. Feel safe knowing you can check in on your home remotely while at work or on vacation, keep your car secure, and sleep better knowing you'll be woken and alerted in case of fire or emergency.

  • Entertainment & Communications - Transform any room into the ultimate home theater with everything from automated speakers to audio/video components, IR and audio distribution systems that will help you enjoy your favorite tunes in any room of your house. Stay connected with cutting edge communication devices such as amplified phones, caller ID devices, intercoms and door phone answer systems that will conveniently allow you to answer your doors through any phone in your home.

  • Climate Controls - Say goodbye to feeling too hot or too cold. Step into a room that feels just right with hi-tech climate controls that will ensure that your home feels comfortably cool or warm while saving money as well as energy. Browse an assortment of environmental systems from programmable thermostats to sunlight regulating drapery controls, and more.
Home Controls delivers everything a do-it-yourself homeowner needs to complete a successful home automation overhaul, from remote lighting controls to security, video surveillance, and more. You'll also benefit from free technical advice and product support to ensure that you choose the right smart home system to meet your specific technological needs.

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