A.M. Leonard

Premium gardening tools and horticulture supplies backed by AM Leonard, a 127 year family business.

The best garden tools for the serious home gardener, featuring a wide selection of fertilizers, maintenance supplies and premium tools for gardening.

  • Garden Tools - AM Leonard has served as a pinnacle leader in the horticultural tool and supply business for over a century, providing the best garden tools and accessories that are guaranteed to handle any chore, big or small. Find all of the essential tools for gardening, from long-handled tools for raking and shoveling to pruning tools and hand tools that are ideal for shearing, scooping, sodding and spading. Shop all of the leading brands including AM Leonard Premium tools that come with a unparalleled warranty for the life of every tool.

  • Watering and Irrigation - Whether you're fielding the grounds below or working up in the trees, you'll find durable a collection of AM Leonard approved grounds tools as well as arborist supplies that will handle garden jobs at any height. Stock up on weights, climbing lines and throw lines, saddles and harnesses, rigging ropes, pulleys and slings, climbing spurs, lanyards, ascenders, descenders, cabling supplies, and more of the best garden tools reserved for the advanced arborist.

  • Fertilizers & Treatments - Discover the best tools for gardening, along with the best fertilizers and treatments that will provide guaranteed growth. You'll find planting fertilizers and polymers, water soluble fertilizers, slow release and organic fertilizers, plus a handy supply of weed control, insecticides, animal and pest control products that will preserve the life and the beauty of your lawn or yard.

  • Sprayers, Spreaders & Applicators - Whether you're feeding or fertilizing, spraying herbicides or protecting your flowers from pesky insects and pests, AM Leonard has an wide variety of spraying and spreading systems that will help you maintain your garden with maximum results, minimal effort. Save time with convenient hand held and backpack sprayers, power sprayers, hand and push spreaders, tow spreaders, 12 volt sprayers, and more garden applicator options that will help feed, protect and nurture your plants with precision and ease.

A.M. Leonard has enjoyed a rich tradition of providing the best garden tools for the Horticultural industry, since 1885. Shop a premium collection of garden care essentials, featuring a selection of over 7,000 items for the gardening enthusiast, from fertilizers and maintenance supplies to the AM Leonard specialty brand of tools for gardening.

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