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Water and energy saving products - Energy controller devices to water saving faucets for home water conservation

Save money while conserving energy and water with energy saving devices and water saving faucets for home use, from Green Express Direct.

  • Water saving faucets and showerheads - It doesn't take a lot of time or energy to convert your house into a green and sustainable home. Green Express Direct supplies you with the latest and greatest water and energy saving devices for home transformations that will make a difference in your home budget, and our environment. Conserve gallons of water every week with Three-Function showerheads and WaterSense water saving faucets for home use that will help you use less water while bathing in even better water pressure than you enjoy now.

  • Energy saving devices for home - Who doesn't want to save a total of 6% to 15% on their energy bill every month? Save a bundle while reducing carbon emissions with a number of energy saving devices for home appliances, lighting systems and just about anything else that needs powering up. Invest in an assortment of energy saving products including highly efficient KVAR Energy Controllers, wireless lighting controls that harvest their own energy and Eco-Buttons and Smart Strip power strips that help you save dollars and energy by automatically turning power off when your electronic devices are not in use.

  • More water saving devices - Supplement your water saving faucets for home kitchens and bathrooms with even more water saving products including liquid pool covers that protect your pool water and heat from evaporating, dual flush valves that can reduce your water bill and save thousands of gallons of water every year. Your plumbing systems will also benefit from limescale eliminators that help maintain essential minerals for health and taste while reducing clogged pipes, boilers and water heaters.

  • Recycling products - Besides saving water and energy with hi-tech energy controllers and water saving faucets for home conservation, the biggest step towards successful sustainable living is mastering the art of recycling. Set up your own recycling stations in your home with recycling bins that will allow you to re-use paper, plastic and other recyclable items. Save acres of landfill space with composters that easily allow you to convert your food waste and yard waste into do-it-yourself fertilizers. You'll also find water saving devices that help you harvest rainwater, which can result in a major difference in your family's overall water consumption.
From plugging into electronic charging stations to installing a water saving faucet for the kitchen or bathroom, invest in a money-saving and planet-saving selection of water and energy saving products that reflect all of the latest innovative and state-of-the-art energy saving technology.

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