C-A-L Ranch Stores - Pet & Livestock

Supplies for dogs to horses - livestock feed and animal care products

It doesn't matter whether you're shopping for your pampered house pet or a barn full of livestock, CAL Pet Supplies has the feed, health products and animal care products you need.

  • Cats and dogs - This is the place to find puppy training supplies, indestructible dog toys, shampoos, dog grooming supplies and dog treats. Your cat will be well taken care of here too, with cat toys, litter boxes, cat beds, feeders and waterers and harnesses and collars for outdoor safety. Both cat and dog owners will appreciate the selection of flea and tick products. You will also find specialty backpacks, harnesses, kennels and kennel covers for your working or hunting dog.

  • Equine - The horsey set knows where to shop for bedding, buckets, feeders, feed, farrier and hoof care and stable supplies, and it's right here. You will find all of the equine sports gear you need, including barrel and pole bend supplies, roping gear, trailer mats and horse tack accessories in this comprehensive selection for the dedicated horseman. They have equine health products from the brands you trust, including Absorbine, Mane & Tail and Nutrena.

  • Livestock - CAL Pet Supplies has built a reputation on being the store for ranchers, farmers and livestock breeders. They carry cattle equipment, fencing, feeds and a full complement of animal handling equipment. You will find buckets, tubs, haying supplies, water storage and traps for pest control. Whether you raise rabbits, poultry or birds, they have all the small animal supplies you need too.

  • Beekeeping - Beekeeping is a great hobby and makes a beneficial contribution to the environment. For the specialized supplies you need to keep bees, including the bees, look no further. They have informational how to books for beekeepers, complete beekeeping kits, beesuits, honey sieves, smokers and bee hive smoker pellets. You will also find a full line of bee novelties like pure solid beeswax bars, lotion, salves and soaps.
Your furry and feathered friends - large and small - will be well taken care of with the wide range of products at CAL Pet Supply with indoor pet products and supplies for tending your livestock.

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