Valley Vet - Equine Edition

From saddles to horse tack at Valley Vet Supply catalog

Valley Vet Supply -- Equine Edition responds to your needs as a horse owner. Browse their online horse catalogs for all your equine and equestrian needs.

  • Horse tack -- Valley Vet Supply is really several horse catalogs in one. Browse their collection of Western and English equine tack for your next saddle, a new bridle and reins or one of dozens of cinches. Find the supplies you need for dressage and the jump ring, or for a leisurely trail ride.

  • Essential equine medicine -- Keep your horse healthy with their wide selection of horse medicine, including Cosequin’s patented combination of glucosamine, purified chondroitin sulfate and manganese ascorbate, top antibiotics by Agri-labs, Pfizer, Upjohn and more, parasitic preventatives and other prescriptives and over the counter equine meds.

  • Equine supplies -- Valley Vet has all the basics you need for a safe and healthy foaling, from predictors to blankets and a complete foaling kit. They also have a full line of equine equipment for the stable, including feeders, waterers, and hay racks. And don’t forget about their tools for equine hoof care, including nippers, trimmers, picks and dressings.

  • Healthy equine supplements -- Prevention is the best medicine, and Valley Vet Supply is ready with a compete inventory of supplements for every aspect of your horse’s health and appearance. Choose specific targeted products to address a problem, or a general vitamin and mineral blend for optimal overall health.

  • Horse vaccine -- Protect your horses from respiratory illness with the right vaccines for their age and environment. They also have all the general vaccines you need to keep your horses safe.

From the finest horse tack to life saving medications, the people at Valley Vet Supply are committed to providing you with everything you need for your horses’ long, healthy, and happy lives.

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