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Your source for everything equine, from horse care to riding gear, stable supplies to grooming products and tack.

  • Wormers - From horse care to riding supplies, stable supplies to horse tack, brings you everything you need to care for your horses. Keep them safe from harmful parasites with a powerful selection of wormers that will protect them year round. Invest in yearly or daily parasite protection with your choice of annual deworming kits or Daily Feed Thru wormers, plus rotational pastes, gels, pellets and multi-dose worming options that will allow you to initiate the perfect deworming program.

  • Supplements - In order to maintain your horse's optimum level of health, it is important to provide them with a diverse level of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. Improve their health and overall well-being with a collection of vital supplements from the most trusted brands, including Farnam, Cosequin, AniMed, and more. Whether they require care for an injured hoof, supplements for achy joints, blood builders or digestive aids,'s supplements are a natural way to provide their body with the proper nourishment that it needs the most.

  • Pest Control - Find the right horse gear that will keep them completely pest-free with a selection of pest control products that will ensure that they are safe and protected from parasites, fleas, flies, and other nasty biting insects. Choose from fly sheets and masks, fly sprays and spot on treatments, insect traps and bags, Feed Thru fly control, and more effective pest control options for your barn and home.

  • Blankets & Sheets - Help protect your ponies, mares and mustangs from cold weather, insect bites and harmful UV rays with high-quality blankets that are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. Find cooling coats and anti-sweat sheets, mane tamers, fly sheets and masks, tail bags, wraps, and even waterproof blanket options. Shop by style, color, warmth or by function with blankets and sheets that are ideal for both outdoor or indoor stable use.

  • Western/English Saddles & Tack - Stock your stables with the proper horse gear for riding, featuring a wide range of Western and/or English style saddles and tack. Whether you're a fan of elegant English style saddles and tack or crave the comfort of Western horse tack, you'll find a complete collection of saddles and saddlebags, bits and bridles, halters, reins, spurs, stirrups and straps, and even more tack and accessories that will provide show quality appeal as well as security and stability for the rider.
Since 1969, has been an online leader in horse care supplies and premium horse gear for the equestrian enthusiast. From supplements to grooming supplies and stable essentials, you'll find everything you need to keep every stallion in your stables happy, healthy and ready for show.

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