Hamboards with the HST Trucks is a true rail-to-rail surfskate.

    Narrower decks, are more "stable" and wider decks are more responsive.
      What's your own perfect session? Do you want to rip a rad short Skateboard or cruise on a Longboard, or carve the pave with a Surfskate or get your core workout on a SUP Skate or do you just close your eyes and feel that board warping snowboard vibe? If yes, to any of these, Hamboards has a plank for you.
        Now, consider your Experience Level and Portability Requirements then check out these words. Be honest but avoid the temptation to be overly practical. If you want a regular skateboard but need more deck to fit both your feet, and you want to experience maximum turn on a shorty, we recommend our Biscuit. Itís got Indy-style skateboard trucks, massive 24mm block risers and itís almost 18 inches wide. This baby can pump and turn. And itís barefoot friendly.
          If you used to skate but lost it, or if you want a stable longboard cruiser with a ton of surf-style attitude, go for the Huntington Hop Longboards with the Reverse Kingpin Trucks. It's wide, flat and you can get every last bit of turn from the reverse kingpin trucks. If youíve tried a longboard cruiser, but you canít quite make it turn, upgrade to our Huntington Hop Surfskates featuring our HST Trucks. This is the next-level longboard that you never knew you could ride. All you have to do is think about turning and youíre in it. No joke; weíve heard it hundreds of times. This makes long boarding much easier.
            If you are ready for pure surf skate performance, hit the Fish Surfskate, the worldís finest, high-performance surf skate. The super-wide and ďturnyĒ Fish is a dry-land trainer for aspirational surfers because itís so incredibly responsive. Groms can practice paddling and pop-ups in the driveway... And, no shoes required.
              If the Fish is what you imagine yourself riding, but it seems like a little too big or maybe too much for your skill level, we recommend the Pescadito ďlittle fishĒ Surfskate. A smaller deck and smaller wheels make this little fish far more manageable than the Fish, but itís still a full-on surf skate that makes rad turns. The Logger Surfskate is an amazingly versatile board. Itís become much more popular since we upgraded to HST Carving Trucks and 83mm wheels. Itís a much longer version of the Huntington Hop Carve, with almost 5 feet of deck. Walk it. Dance it. Cruise it. Carve it. The Logger is the favorite of snowboarders. This is a rad surf skateboard thatís also awesome for SUP Skating. The Street Sweeper SUP Skate Paddle keeps the stoke flowing.
                The Classic and Pinger are Surf skates in a category of their own. These are huge boards that have some weight to them and have enormous wheels. You will be surprised at how the length, width and weight make these surf skate feel so much like surfing. These things can turn but they can also cruise on and on and on. The Classic and Pinger are the worldís finest longboard surf skates, made for barefoot footwork and nose riding. When you add the Street Sweeper SUP Skate paddle, you will be amazed at how much fun you can have and how far you can go. Most people will never get the chance to feel the sensation of SUP Surfing, but if you put a couple miles together on these boards, youíll know what itís like. AND, if you put 20 miles in, youíll be amazed at the super-effective core workout. Itís soooooo fun.

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