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Creative and simple fundraising ideas for organizations, schools, churches and community groups

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Donor recognition, fundraising awards, and incentive gifts

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An entire industry has been created around the necessity of fundraising. There probably isn't a single non- profit group or organization that is not or has not been involved in trying to raise money—either for a specific cause or event or for an ongoing campaign. From the simplest to the most complex need, fundraising is front and center. A successful effort to secure the monies needed requires skill, know how and the right “hook” to get people to contribute. The experts featured here do have that important knowledge and experience to assist you—from products to proven successful ideas.

Fundraising ideas

Are you in charge of creating and implementing fundraising ideas for your favorite local charity, church, school or community service organization? If so, you've clicked on to the best site to help you achieve your goals. You, as a private individual, know how often you are asked to give and give and give! And, if you are like most people, you tend to give to those causes to which you've always given. However, when you do donate to others that are not on your list, is it because the fundraising ideas were just too good to resist? That's what you'll achieve when you consult with the fundraising experts featured here. Look at their website and catalog. Your life will become much easier.

School fundraising

It's a simple, universal fact—schools need more money than what they are allocated by state, local or even national budgets. The band may need new uniforms, the science lab needs more microscopes, or the communication center doesn't have enough computers or audio/video equipment; those are just some of the reasons for school fundraising projects. Let the fundraising professional s shown here help you. They have the expertise and products to make you school fundraising efforts pay off. They go way beyond the usual popcorn and candy sale items; they offer unique jewelry and exquisite gifts that will result in higher sales and more earnings for your group. The prices are surprisingly low and the returns are amazingly high.

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