Store Fixtures

Picture of Store display fixtures, counters and cases from Gershel Brothers catalog

Gershel Brothers

Store display fixtures, counters and cases

Picture of store display fixtures from M. Fried Stores & Fixtures catalog

M. Fried Stores & Fixtures

Store display fixtures, racks, mannequins & showcases

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Picture of Specialty Store Services from Specialty Store Services catalog

Specialty Store Services

Store fixtures, displays and related supplies for small and midsize retail stores

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Picture of large wine rack from Commercial catalog Commercial

Wine racks for the storage of wine for wine stores and restaurants

Picture of craftmaster hardware catalog from Craftmaster Hardware catalog

Craftmaster Hardware

Store security products, safes, and door locks

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Picture of commercial lighting fixtures from Pegasus Lighting, Commercial catalog

Pegasus Lighting, Commercial

Display lighting, exit lighting and more lighting options for your store

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Picture of post up stand from Post-Up Stand  catalog

Post-Up Stand

Marketing displays and stands for promotional items

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Picture of commercial led lighting from Solid Apollo-Commercial catalog

Solid Apollo-Commercial

LED commercial lighting for your stores and displays

Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about:

Store fixtures

For a store owner, the right store fixtures are key to creating product visibility and attractive displays. Before you select new fixtures, be sure to take a good look at your existing displays. Are you planning to reuse all or some of them in your store or are you starting from scratch will all new elements? If you're hoping to reuse existing racks, wall units or other display items, make sure your old and new store fixtures will coordinate. Nothing looks worse in a store than to see a few modern and shiny racks among a store full of traditional wooden shelving. Consider repainting or refinishing older units to coordinate with your new choices. Or select new units that follow a similar style as the existing racks and cabinets.


For jewelry, small collectibles, and other small or fragile merchandise, showcases are an essential element in your store's design. Be sure to select the best quality cases and cabinets you can afford. Dingy cabinets and showcases with poor interior lighting or distorted mirror will suggest less than top of the line merchandise. Make sure your cabinets are the right size for your merchandise. A too small cabinet will look cramped and make browsing difficult. A too large one will make it appear as though your store has insufficient product. For new businesses or stores that need to add cabinets on a budget, there are many sites offering quality used showcases. Be sure to check out the company's reputation, and make sure all the elements of the cabinet work (lights, locks, etc.) before you accept delivery.


Whether it's an elaborate window display on Fifth Avenue, or a few modest displays of locally crafted jewelry on your front counter, the way you present merchandise to your customer is one of the biggest factors in sales. Here are a few suggestions for good merchandising. Make your displays are appropriate to the product. A selection of delicate bracelets will be lost and out of place when placed on an antique wood stove, but a selection of handcrafted bowls and plates would be right at home. Be sure your displays are well maintained and clean. Broken or dirty displays suggest poor quality merchandise. A new riser, mannequin or set of shelves is a smart investment when it helps to boost sales. Finally, make sure your product is readily visible. A display hidden behind the cashier or up too high for the average customer might as well not be there at all.

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