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OSHA safety signs, traffic signage, banners, flags and custom signs

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Desperate Enterprises

Nostalgic tin signs, magnets, license plates and advertising reproductions for your store, restaurant, or home

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Desperate Enterprises (2nd B2B) OFF

Reproduction tin advertising signs, decorative switch plates and retro art

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Carrot Top Industries

Flags, banners and trade show supplies

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Quinn Flags

Flags, banners, flag accessories and flagpoles for your business

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Barco Products

Hundreds of stock signs, including, parking, pedestrian and traffic signs

Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about:

World flags

Have you considered decorating your business or classroom with world flags? They are the perfect way to celebrate a heritage, a store's theme, or a restaurant's enticing cuisine. And what an ideal way to highlight the diversity of the communities served by our libraries! Not only can you display the red, white and blue when you select a United States flag from a huge collection of indoor and outdoor flags, you can also choose a variety of world flags—from China to Russia, to the Caribbean nations and all the European countries. And, there’s nothing like the Irish flag to welcome guests to an authentic Irish pub! Check out the selection of world flags offered on this site. There is a variety of sizes and fabrics available and, as always with our merchants, the prices and service are great.

Vintage signs

Here’s an idea for a different type of decoration for your office walls—vintage signs. They are sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to those old enough to remember the actual signs when they started to appear on the walls of buildings throughout our country And for those not old enough to remember, these vintage signs will probably bring a wry smile to their faces. Check out the sites featured here to see a memorable collection of retro wall signs from companies that no longer exist to those who have completely changed their image. Film stars of yesteryear to gasoline companies pitching their products when gas was so very cheap.

Funny road signs

If you want to add a different flair to your restaurant or any other business, what better way than with full color nostalgic, funny road signs from years past? Now you are able to purchase reproductions of well-known tin signs from the early decades of the 20th century. It takes an old timer to actually remember seeing the signs proclaiming Highway 66 and the funny road signs that sprang up every few miles for shaving cream companies. However, even in today’s youth oriented culture these vintage signs have a great appeal for their humor and relevancy. Browse through these merchants’ sites and discover the wonderful world of roadside nostalgia

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