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Online home decorating stores

Exciting interior design ideas are all around you! A quick look at the online home decorating stores section of Catalogs.com for some of the leading home decor concepts and design projects. or the home décor magazine section of a newsstand will offer you a dizzying array of choices in style, color, and expense. Before you begin your project, narrow down your design plan to a few themes. Do you prefer cutting edge design with bold colors and strong geometrics? Or are you more of a fan of antiques and country accents? Are you decorating for drama or for comfort? Once you have a basic idea about your design theme, start to gather a few items that appeal to you. A pillow, a vase, a comforter – use these key elements to maintain your focus and avoid becoming overwhelmed by new interior design ideas in each book or shop. Visit as many stores, galleries and model homes as possible, especially in the early stages of your design project. Carry a notebook, a set of measurements for your rooms and a tape measure as you shop and browse. That way you won't end up with a sofa that doesn't fit, or need to retrace your steps to find that item you feel in love with weeks before.

Residential interior design

The role of a residential interior design professional is to create a home that expresses your unique style. Find a designer who understands your lifestyle, budget and tastes,– you may need to interview several firms before you find the perfect fit. If a designer tries to push you into a contemporary style when you prefer French country, or recommends projects far beyond your budget, find a different designer. If friends or family have worked with a designer and you like their décor, ask for a name and number. Visit model homes with layouts similar to your own. If you fall in love with the décor, ask for the designer's name. Many decorators who do commercial residences are also available for residential interior design projects. Once you've selected a designer, stay on top of the project. Make sure the fabrics, furnishings and accessories are the ones you requested. Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful new home.

Commercial interior design

Effective commercial interior design requires a different focus than residential design, so be sure your decorator is experienced in decorating business sites. In hospitality projects, it is particularly important to be aware of movement of guests in and out of the entryway and public room. What appears to be a lovely space can quickly become a crowded and uncomfortable nightmare during the dinner rush or when check-in time arrives. Be sure your commercial interior design professional is aware of codes regarding exits, capacity and usage for business structures. Work with your designer to develop a mood that reflects your business focus. You client's first impression of your company will be what he or she see when they enter your front door – make sure the message is the one you want to send

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