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Stereo, compound and digital microscopes + premium microscope parts and accessories

MicroscopeNet.com makes it easy and affordable to find the leading microscopes, microscope parts and accessories for your academic, office, research or business needs.

  • Microscopes - No matter what specimen you're viewing or sliding under your lens, MicroscopeNet.com offers a full range of products and accessories that will meet the needs of professional, amateur and student users alike.

    You'll have access to an exceptional selection of stereo and compound microscopes, industrial, digital microscopes and complete microscope systems, as well as a thorough assortment of parts and accessories to fit any model.

  • For Students - Enjoy access to an educational series of student-friendly microscopes that are ideal for instruction at any academic institution, lab, hospital or setting. Browse a variety of models including student stereo, compound and digital microscopes, with monocular or binocular eyepieces and USB camera capabilities.

  • For Research - Explore a specialized selection of microscopes reserved for special purpose projects with options that will suit any budget or price point. You'll find a distinctive array of Polarizing and Darkfield microscopes, Phase Contrast, Ore, Inverted, Metallurgical and EPI-fluorescence microscope models that will accommodate all of your viewing needs.

  • Accessories - You'll find an all-encompassing selection of microscope parts and accessories to choose from including a bright assortment of lights and illuminators, spare bulbs and tubes, lenses and lens adapters, loupes, auxiliary objectives, blank and prepared slides, extra eyepieces, microscope bodies and stands, carrying cases, USB cameras, and even more essentials for the microscopic world.
Furnish your office, school, lab or research facility with a top of the line selection of scopes compiled from a highly recognized and respected company of optical manufacturers. From lenses to loupes, dissecting to biological and digital microscopes, you'll find the most affordable optic options online, for less.

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