Nature Watch

Hands-on science and nature for the classroom or nature center

Spark your students' excitement about science and nature with ecology and science projects for kids. Choose from hundreds of exciting materials and resources.

  • Elementary science activities - Get your students involved in learning with hands on science projects for kids. Choose from geology, archeology, zoology, paleontology, botany and environmental science activities.

  • Materials for nature center exhibits - Now you can teach ecology for kids with interactive materials for your classroom or camp nature center exhibits. Let your students or campers learn about environmental science by seeing and doing - a proven way to get kids excited about the lessons you want them to learn.

  • Marine science teacher resource - Open your students' eyes to the wonders of the ocean with activity kits, nature crafts, games, puzzles and real life examples of marine life. Whether you use them as part of an ocean unit, or integrate them into biology, earth science, ecology or zoology units, you and your students will love learning with these exciting educational supplies.

  • Classroom science teacher resources - Let your kids touch and feel the things they're learning about in books when you shop the Nature-Watch selection of props, samples and replicas from nature. Choose rocks and minerals to supplement classroom geology activities for kids, genuine fossils and fossil replicas to teach paleontology, and realistic skull models for zoology.

Whether you're a teacher looking for new and exciting elementary science activities, or a nature center director creating new exhibits for visitors or campers, the tools you need to make science fun are at Nature-Watch.

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