Schoolmasters SCIENCE

Science education products & experiments for Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and beyond

From Astronomy for kids to Earth Science, Chemistry for kids to Physics, Schoolmasters Science supplies your classroom with an extensive selection of equipment, tools, and hands-on learning materials that cover every scientific subject.

  • Astronomy for Kids - Discover your academic source for everything intergalactic with a star-studded collection of astronomy resources that will teach your students everything they need to know about our solar system. Find everything from star charts and astrolabes that will help them identify famous constellations like Orion's Belt and the Big Dipper to astronomy posters to decorate your classroom walls. Discover celestial globes, astronomy models and planetariums, kits, games, and more learning tools, accessories and activities that will serve as entertaining and engaging resources to help children learn and absorb a variety of astronomical concepts.

  • Chemistry - Whether they're studying all about solids, liquids and gases, memorizing every element on the periodic table, or creating their very first chemical reaction, Schoolmasters has everything they need to conduct an A+ Chem experiment. You'll find dozens of lab chemicals, Chemistry models, Periodic posters and charts, and complete Chemistry for kids kits and experiments that will help students whip up fascinating and fun creations while exploring key Chemistry lessons. Pick up everything from beakers and burners to microscopes and measuring tools, lab furniture, safety gloves, goggles and aprons that will keep every budding scientist well protected and safe.

  • Earth Science - Students will love learning all about our planet and their place in the ecosystem with learning materials that will help them embrace archaeology and geology, the study of fossils, rocks, minerals and weather. Stock your classroom with fun Earth Science for kids fundamentals such as archaeology and dinosaur kits, globes, geological models, rock collections, weather maps, and other Earth science essentials that kids will love digging into.

  • Life Science - Prepare your next Life Science lesson plan with resources that cover Biology and Physiology, the study of animals, plants, and all things living. Choose from dissecting kits and specimens, terrariums and aquariums, skeletons and anatomical models, habitat kits, egg incubators, DNA models, and more items that will help make the study of life as entertaining as it is fascinating.

  • Physics - They'll want to take a front row seat in Physics class when you bring out all of the tools and kits they need on hand to explore sound and waves, magnetism, density, electricity, robotics, heat, force and motion. You'll have access to gyroscopes, horseshoe magnets, tuning forks, circuit kits, vacuum equipment, optics kits and more.
From Earth Science for kids to Biology, Botany and the principles of Physics, the Schoolmasters Science catalog will help bring a world of wonder into your Science classroom, featuring an infinite selection of tools, experiments and hands-on activities that will make any scientific study a fun and engaging experience for any age or curriculum.

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