The best microscopes online, from compound to stereo microscopes, accessories and more

Take the guesswork out of stocking your science labs with high-quality, high-powered microscopes, featuring the best models in the industry from MicroscopeNet.

  • Stereo - Also known as dissecting microscopes, MicroscopeNet features a vast selection of low power stereo microscopes that are ideal for performing dissections and inspections as well as general viewing of plants, insects, jewels, stamps, coins, rocks, and other precious collectibles. Choose from monocular, binocular or trinocular models perfect for science students, hobbyists, researchers and collectors like. Opt for regular or zoom power stereo scopes available for up close viewing.

  • Compound - Explore the micro world around you with biological compound microscopes that are high power and designed specifically for observing cells, virus, bacteria, single cell organisms and other specimens that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Find your preferred eyepiece with monocular, binocular and trinocular options available as well as multi-viewing compound models.

  • Digital - Discover a hi-tech selection of digital microscopes that are perfect for ease of viewing, emailing and archiving as well as instructional applications. You'll find built in digital microscopes, stereo/camera and compound/camera combinations. You'll also find separate digital cameras and camera adapters that are compatible with a number of different operating systems.

  • Microscope Accessories - Find all of the added accessories and extras you need to maintain and/or upgrade your microscope, featuring an extensive selection of loupes and headlights, eyepieces and objectives, lights and illuminators, USB cameras and lens adapters, spare bulbs, tubes, slides, jewel tweezers, microscope bodies, stands and protective carrying cases for easy transport.
From stereo and compound microscopes to industrial and digital models, MicroscopeNet.com brings you a high quality collection of products and accessories compiled from only the most respected manufacturers in the optical industry.

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