Different Roads to Learning

Autism resources, books, toys, and more educational tools for autism therapy

Different Roads to Learning is a one-stop source for parents and educators on the search for educational tools and resources for kids on the autism spectrum, as well as teaching materials and aides for special needs children.

  • Autism Therapy Books - Explore titles that will serve as a guide in building your autism curriculum, as well as beautifully illustrated children's books that will excite and engage while conveying positive messages and valuable life lessons. Browse a library of award winning publications that will help you teach daily living and social skills, language and conversation, and comprehensive workbooks that focus specifically on speech and language. You'll also have access to beneficial autism resources including assessment books and kits that target early intervention, general special needs, and developmental delays.

  • Flashcards & ABA Materials - Cover a multitude of subjects and targets with good old fashioned flashcards that will help children retain knowledge while learning in the classroom and/or at home. Different Roads to Learning features sets that target nouns, body parts and adjectives, verbs and prepositions, opposites and go-togethers, people, faces, feelings and emotions. From simple conversation starters to sequencing sets and flashcards that address the 5 W's, you'll find the right tools to help young learners build their language skills, understand emotions and everyday situations.

  • Manipulatives & Games - Shop an entire range of autism therapy toys, games and learning aides that will educate and enlighten while providing hours of fun. You'll find a colorful and captivating collection of puzzles and learning games that encourage independent as well as group play. Choose from pretend play toys, manipulatives that develop fine motor skills and options designed to help them master matching and sorting, patterns and sequencing skills.

  • Tools & Resources - From token boards and reinforcers to timers, counters and clocks, you'll find a diverse selection of helpful autism resources and tools that will help motivate children while supporting you during every step of your educational program. Explore visual supports and scheduling resources, multimedia supports including DVDs, CD-Roms, and interactive computer games that will teach critical skills while making learning fun. Discover cutting edge assistive technology tools, featuring the innovative, portable and customizable GoTalk systems that serve as the ideal communication tool.
Different Roads to Learning has spent 18 years providing a wide variety of alternatives that will help your child and/or classroom succeed. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, you'll have access to 500 educational teaching tools and resources designed specifically to help children with autism learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

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