Dream Essentials

Innovative sleep products and natural sleep remedies to ensure a heavenly night's sleep

Dream Essentials is the ultimate sanctuary for insomniacs, featuring the world's best eye masks, ear plugs, pillows, and more innovative sleep products that are essential for achieving a successful night of slumber.

  • Sleep Masks - We spend a third of our lives sleeping, shouldn't we make the most of it? Block out the light and snooze your way to a better night's sleep with the world's largest selection of all natural sleep remedies with masks available in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabric patterns to meet your specific needs. Welcome the perfect state of darkness with aromatherapy masks that serenade you with calming, siesta inducing scents. Appeal to your extravagant side by indulging in opulent options made of the most sumptuous silk brocade. From contoured masks with eye cavities to mile-high luxury class masks for jetsetters, you'll find the perfect all natural, therapeutic solution that will help you say goodbye to insomnolence for good.

  • Body Pillows - Your head isn't the only part of your body that needs ultra-soft cushioning. Pay your body back for all of the abuse you put it through day after day by investing in a Dream Essentials body pillow that will mold itself to the actual shape of your body, for unmatched comfort from head to toe. You'll toss and turn less, dream and sleep more while soothing everyday back, neck and shoulder pains and strains, improving alignment and relieving tired muscles. Target stressors while you sleep while reducing specific aches and ailments related to osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, knee/back injuries, maternity discomforts, and more major and minor sleep challenging irritations.

  • Ear Plugs - Whether you battle dogs barking, neighbors partying or husbands snoring into the wee small hours of the morning, you no longer have to suffer yet another sleepless night in silence. Shut out the noise and catch up on your zzz's with the #1 doctor recommended earplug brand from Mack. Treat yourself and/or your snore suffering spouse to the bestselling noise reducing ear plugs that are your key to uninterrupted resting and relaxing. Take advantage of these drug-free, natural sleep remedies with super soft foam plugs that are expertly contoured to provide maximum comfort for ear canals of all sizes. Order an individual pair or stock up on sets of 6, 10, or 12 pairs that are ideal for studying, traveling, working, and last but not certainly not least, sleeping.

  • More Products - Find even more products that will help produce more hours of shut-eye and fewer restless nights with inflatable neck pillows and heatable shoulder wraps, soothing aromatherapy solutions, sleep music and sound machines, bedtime reading lights, travel socks, foot therapy products, and more. Give a break to tired, overworked and dry eyes with Tranquileyes chronic dry eye solutions or enjoy a tasty sip of drug-free, non-habit forming supplements that will get you early to bed and early to rise, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.
For the last decade, Dream Essentials has gained notoriety as an industry leader in the design, development and production of the World's best sleeping masks, as well as delivering other innovative sleep products and aids that help you achieve a perfect night's rest, night after night.

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