Potentials Unlimited

Self hypnosis instruction and CD's to heal your body and soul

Potentials Unlimited's collection of self hypnosis CD's, Mp3s, tapes and videos/DVDs will help you in accessing and actualizing your higher self through subliminal learning.

Choose from:
  • Self hypnosis for stress management - Deal with anxiety, depression, phobias and the factors that create stress. Their healing self hypnosis CD's, Mp3s, Dvds and tapes address the underlying beliefs and thoughts that create negative emotions and self-destructive thought patterns.

  • Healing messages for your body - Learn how to address the mental factors that bring pain, illness and suffering into our physical bodies. Use their focused self hypnosis instruction to pinpoint and overcome areas of energy blockage, past life based pain, and belief-enabled illness and disability.

  • Subliminal learning packages for foreign languages - Years of testing and experience in universities and colleges has answered the question: does subliminal learning work? The answer is a resounding yes. The use of subliminal messaging to master new languages is one of the most proven applications of this innovative technique. Let your resting mind effortlessly absorb and integrate a new vocabulary when you choose one of their language skills programs.

  • Address addictions - Free yourself from physical dependencies when you select one of their hypnosis cassettes to quit smoking, curb overeating or stop using alcohol or drugs.

  • Past life regression skills - Using a carefully crafted subliminal message embedded in relaxing music and soothing sounds from nature, you can begin to master the art of past life regression. Select a past life regression CD, tape or downloadable Mp3 to use alone or with a mate or partner, and learn the secrets of the lives you've left behind.

  • Astral Projection for beginners - Learn the basics of out of body travel with their innovative subliminal astral projection guide. Learn to recognize and control out of body journeys as you expand your self-awareness.

  • Parallel lives and high selves - Explore the concept of multiple existence, or learn to tap into your higher consciousness with self hypnosis instruction that will teach you how to access your many points of wisdom and guidance.

Let the power of your mind work for you to improve your health, access the wisdom the universe has to offer, or tap into lessons from past lives. A better, more peaceful life is accessible today. Open yourself to the potentials within you. Many of their programs are available in Spanish and French.

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