At Peace Media

The soothing sounds of relaxation and meditation

Let At Peace bring calm, inspiration and relaxation to your life with music, instructional massage videos, and natural massage therapy products.

  • Massage and spa music - Enhance your massage and spa experience with calming, inspiring spa music. Composed and arranged to inspire relaxation, instrumental melodies and sounds of nature combine to take you far from the stresses of daily life.

  • Yoga music - Discover effective stress relief in music and movement with yoga music. The music enhances and supports your yoga practice, providing a background and rhythm for each position and movement.

  • Instructional massage videos - Professionally produced videos will teach you the basics of therapeutic or sensual Esalen® massage. Learn how to release tension, reduce pain and enhance enjoyment with step by step direction. Enhance the massage experience with spa massage oils and lotions, and soothing meditation and relaxation music.

  • Essential massage therapy supplies - Natural massage oils are an important part of the massage experience. Select from pure massage therapy oils or lotions for the perfect scent to inspire, relax, and sooth.

  • Instructional reflexology DVDs - Master basic reflexology techniques with videos that teach you how to use hand and foot massage to heal, relax and ease pain throughout the body.

  • Guided meditation CD's - Learn to relax and enter a state of higher awareness with guided meditation CD's. Using traditional practices and soothing meditation music, you will learn how to experience the healing and enlightenment of the empty mind.

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