Industrial Safety Supply - Industrial safety clothing, gear and products for on the job site safety

For 17 years, CriticalTool has served businesses all over the country, providing them with a safety equipment supply that always measures up. Shop for industrial safety clothing, protective gear, gloves and more.

Industrial Safety Supply - Whether your business is in the medical field, manufacturing, transportation, or construction fields, or if you manage an educational campus, CriticalTool helps you protect your employees with the industrial safety supply products that will provide you, your workers and their families with the piece of mind that is essential for getting the job done. You'll find everything they need from ear plugs to safety clothing, fall protection belts, straps and harnesses, flashlights and tagout signs, first aid kits, industrial safety gear, gloves and more.


Industrial Safety Clothing - No matter if your workers are working low light, extreme weather conditions, an environment with a lot of moving equipment, or other potentially dangerous conditions, CriticalTool safety equipment supply will help your workers remain visible with safety reflective hats, vests and jackets. You'll also find disposable lab coats and jackets that are ideal for medical, dental and veterinary practices as well as industrial and lab environments.


Industrial Safety Gloves - Take your pick from a wide selection of industrial safety gloves for delicate jobs as well as rugged ones with clean room gloves, medical gloves, coated/dipped safety gloves, welding gloves, anti-vibration gloves, latex and leather gloves. In addition they have winter work gloves for the chilliest of days. CriticaTool's popular hyflex gloves and nitrile gloves are indispensible for keeping employees productive and morale high.


Gatorade Products - While stocking up on all of the essentials for your demanding work environment, don't forget the fluids to keep your employees hydrated. Keep your workers from feeling dehydrated during a hot, hardworking day out in the sun with Gatorade and Sqwincher products that encourage the re-plenishment of the important elements we lose through perspiration. Choose from Gatorade Powder, Liquid Concentrate or cans and bottles, plus Sqwincher Concentrate, Fast Packs and more!

CriticalTool provides businesses with a safety equipment supply that will keep their employees and workers productive with a focus on safety and compliance, with many products meeting OSHA and ANSI requirements. From disposable gloves, lab coats and ear plugs to Gatorade, protective pads and first aid kits ready for any situation, CriticalTool has the right industrial safety products featured at the best prices.

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