Protect America

The leading home security services - from home automation to GPS tracking systems, and more. Call for $5.00 per week security - 877-350-7233.

Enjoy a safer home with a system designed just for you with premium home automation, GPS tracking and more solutions from Protect America Home Security.

  • Home Security - Every homeowner deserves to feel safe, no matter at what cost. Secure your home and give your family the ultimate peace of mind with a variety of cutting edge home security services and solutions that can be customized to accommodate any home and/or budget. From Simon XT control panels to video cameras and panic buttons, you'll find door/window sensors, motion detectors, mini pin pads, touchscreens and more affordable equipment packages of various sizes designed to fit your space, your budget, and your specific security needs.

  • Life Safety - Protect more than just your home and its contents with a vital collection of life safety sensors that will keep you and your loved ones safe, even while you sleep. Safeguard your home from any unforeseen disaster with monitored smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and medical panic pendants that will provide elderly family members assistance when and if they are unable to reach the phone.

  • Home Automation - Whether you forgot to lock your front door or turn off the lights, Protect America Home Security will help transform your home into a Smart home with their innovative home management equipment featuring state of the art Z-Wave technology. You'll have access to appliance modules, indoor sirens, freeze and flood sensors, and more wireless control solutions that will even help you unlock your front door if you've lost or forgotten your keys.

  • SMART Connect - Want to enjoy full control of your home at the touch of a button? There's an app for that! Invest in complete home automation with Protect America's SMART Connect apps for iPhone and Android devices that will allow you to check in on your home via your phone, tablet or computer, wherever you may be. Manage your energy use, arm/disarm your alarm or check in on pets with live video surveillance right in your pocket.

  • Automotive - In addition to their innovative home security services, Protect America will also help you monitor your home away from home, your car. Keep track of your teen during their adventures on the road or track your car's location in the event that it is lost stolen with easy to use GPS vehicle tracking devices that will send you customizable alerts that will add an extra level of security to your ride. Add this feature to any security package for only $9.99 per month.
Since 1982, Protect America has served almost half a million homes as one of the top home security companies in the nation. Trust the company that has spent over three decades delivering top rate home security services as well as GPS tracking, home automation, and surveillance products designed to help you protect your home and loved ones at an affordable price.

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