Travers Tools

The finest metalworking tools available - from steel and carbide cutting tools to hand and power tool components

The Travers Tool industrial supply catalog is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of metalworking tools and industrial supplies offering high speed steel cutting tools, solid carbide cutting tools, hand tools, power tools and more high power machinery and tool equipment for your business.

  • Metalworking Tools - Travers Tools has been serving the metalworking community since 1924, offering metalworking tools and supplies required for all of your projects.

    From abrasives, files and deburring tools to measuring tools, inspection instruments, fasteners and carbide cutting tools, Travers carries the leading brands from Iscar, Valenite, Mitutoyo, Starrett, Niagara and other trusted names.

  • Carbide cutting tools - Shop from a wide selection of premium solid carbide cutting tools including blades, blanks, chasers, drills, dies, end mills, reamers, cutters, boring bars, tool bits and more. You'll also find carbide indexable cutting tools for boring, counter boring, chamfering, drilling, grooving, milling, threading and turning projects.

  • Measuring Tools and inspection instruments - Besides their supreme collection of metalworking tools and carbide cutting tools, the industrial supply catalog from Travers also features measuring tools and inspection instruments including calipers, micrometers, counters, drafting tools, gages, levels, tapes and rulers that will all measure up against any job.

  • Hand Tools and Power Tools - The Travers Tool industrial supply catalog is your ultimate source for metalworking tools that pack quite a punch. Find a powerful assortment of air power tools, electric power tools, pneumatic tools and welding equipment with a selection that ranges from torque wrenches to ball drivers, hammers, screwdrivers, sockets and other high performing tools that mean business.
Shop Travers Tool and industrial supply catalog for the widest selection of metalworking tools, carbide cutting tools, tooling components, machinery, machine tools and accessories, stock materials, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) products and more high-quality, high-performance tools.

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