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3B Scientific was founded in 1948 in Hamburg, Germany and has grown to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of Medical and Science Education solutions. The product portfolio covers a complete and comprehensive range of equipment for simulation and skill training, anatomy, healthcare and patient education and is continuously updated with new products and innovations. Represented in over 120 countries worldwide, the brand name 3B Scientific® stands for best quality, best value, and best service. The mission of 3B Scientific is to advance medical and healthcare delivery through the quality, breadth and global reach of relevant educational and simulation products.

  • Medical Simulation - 3B Scientific stands for the most life like medical training products for customers like medical and science universities, technical colleges, teaching hospitals, simulation centers, nursing schools and all teaching areas of allied health. The extensive range of high quality medical simulators, clinical skill trainers and complete skill lab set ups is sure to meet the needs of medical educators around the globe.

    • TCCC Training Manikins
    • Tactical Medical Care
    • Advanced Trauma Life Support
    • Rescue
    • Advanced Life Support
    • Basic Life Support
    • Airway Management
    • Obstetrics
    • Gynecology
    • Prostate & Rectal Examination
    • Patient Care
    • Wound Care & Bandaging
    • Catheterization
    • Suturing
    • Blood Pressure
    • Clinical Skills
    • Injection Technique
    • Venipuncture
    • Ultrasound
    • Laparoscopy
    • Auscultation
    • Echocardiography
    • Virtual Reality Simulators
    • iSimulate

  • Health education - You will find high quality and functional products to educate about common health risks and diseases. Their specialty merchandise is ideal for educating patients and for student training.

  • Human anatomical models -3B Scientific offers you the highest level of service and product quality that you can always depend on. The production of our 3B Scientific® anatomy models, simulators and trainers is backed by the newest findings in medical sciences and educational techniques. Precise anatomical details are hand painted to show intricate structures such as muscle and nerve fibers. These allow for easy identification in our detailed product manuals and learning cards whilst encouraging effective teaching and interactive study.

    NEW! All original 3B Scientific® anatomy models now include a FREE digital anatomy course called 3B Smart Anatomy:

    • FREE access to the 3B Smart Anatomy course hosted inside the Complete Anatomy platform by 3D4Medical
    • The 3B Smart Anatomy course includes: 23 anatomy lectures, 117 interactive virtual anatomy models and 39 anatomy quizzes
    • FREE warranty upgrade from 3 to 5 years activated upon product registration
    • Simply scan the label, register your product and download the app!

  • Human anatomical chart - Anatomical poster from 3B Scientific are ideal for teaching human anatomy and for patient education.

View thousands of anatomical supplies and items in the 3B Scientific - Medical Education catalog. Besides their durable selection of human anatomical models, skeletons and torsos, you'll find human anatomical charts and pharma posters, skulls, mini-skeletons and more products to help your students master their Gray's Anatomy.

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