Picture of home school material from Academic Superstore catalog

Academic Superstore

Learning software and electronics for young students

10% Off
Picture of school supply catalogs from Geddes School Supplies catalog

Geddes School Supplies

Designer school supplies and accessories to make learning fun and colorful

$5 Shipping
Picture of elementary school supplies from Anderson’s Elementary School catalog

Anderson’s Elementary School

Elementary school supplies and learning tools

Picture of graduation cap and gowns from GraduationSource catalog


Graduation caps, gowns, tassels and accessories

Free Shipping
Picture of rainbow resource center from Rainbow Resource catalog

Rainbow Resource

Elementary education resources for all subjects and grade levels

Picture of mead office supplies from Mead ® catalog

Mead ®

School supplies, workbooks, flashcards and activities for Pre-K to Grade 5

Picture of really good stuff for teachers from Really Good Stuff catalog

Really Good Stuff

Math, reading, science and social studies resources for Elementary school students

Picture of elementary science projects from Science Kit Elementary catalog

Science Kit Elementary

Elementary school supplies and classroom materials

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Picture of us school supply from U.S. School Supply catalog

U.S. School Supply

Elementary school supplies from pens and pencils to book covers and rulers

Picture of teacher supply catalogs from Constructive Playthings School Catalog catalog

Constructive Playthings School Catalog

Educational games and arts and crafts designed for young students

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Elementary School Supplies

Shop a variety of elementary school supplies for students and teachers. Start the new school year with all the books, pencils, erasers and other learning materials kids will need to put forth their best effort. Teachers will find learning guides, textbooks, workbooks, lesson plans, and all other essential learning materials from our education catalogs at Catalogs.com. Our catalogs carry learning games and activities that are perfect for elementary school students' growing minds. Parents will find elementary school supplies such as notebooks, crayons, pencils, and other essentials for school.

School Supplies for Teachers

Parents and students often forget that teachers need school supplies just like the students do. Pens, pencils, erasers, folders, and book bags are just as essential for a teacher as they are for their young students. Primary and elementary school teachers can shop classroom supplies like decorations, posters, and other supplies they need for their students. Get the right elementary school supplies from Catalogs.com.

Primary School Supplies

Elementary school supplies aren't as simple as they once were. Even young kids want the latest designer backpacks and accessories. You'll folders and notebooks with your child's favorite cartoon character to get them interested in what they're learning. Parents can even involve their child in the shopping process by ordering together online or choosing from one of our catalogs. Shopping for elementary school supplies with your kids is a great way to get them thinking about the upcoming school year.

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