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EAI Education - Math

Over 3,000 math manipulatives, books and classroom supplies

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Learning Resources

Math supplies, games, and other educational supplies for understanding math concepts

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Nasco Math

Math activities, lesson plans, and other resources for teachers and students

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Rainbow Resource

Mathematics resources, learning tools and manipulatives for instructors

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Summit Math

Math supplies and other educational products

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Didax Educational Resources

Math, language arts, and other educational resources

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K-12 School Supplies

Math supplies for students of all grade levels

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The Great Courses

Mathematics audio and video courses from the top professors

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Math Supplies

Whether you are a teacher or a student, learning about math can be a frustrating task. Find math supplies including math games and activities that will help students learn while having fun at the same time. Make learning enjoyable for everyone involved with math supplies that will teach students the skills of algebra, geometry, and other difficult math concepts that students may not be able to grasp by simply staring at a textbook. We have the best names in math supplies at prices you'll love! From preschool learning tools to math supplies for high school students, the catalogs on make shopping for classroom supplies fun and easy.

Math Games and Activities

Choose math games and activities that will challenge students while giving them the skills needed to incorporate math into their everyday lives. Choose from a variety of math supplies and math games that are easy for adults and for kids so that parents and kids can play games together. From learning tools like workbooks to full color board games, you'll find the math supplies you need to get your students on the path to learning. Parents can teach math at home with teaching guides that will help you every step of the way. Also check out some of the great math books in the catalogs on our site!

Math Learning

Helping children understand math skills can be difficult if you don't have the right math supplies! Children learn by doing and in most cases, simply learning from a textbook won't do the trick. Shop math games and activities to find math-related products that will help children learn while having fun. You'll also find basic math supplies such as textbooks, worksheets, and workbooks. Shop the best brands in math supplies from the math catalogs at

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