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Picture of therapy games from Childswork Childsplay - Counseling Resources catalog

Childswork Childsplay - Counseling Resources

Pre-K activities and therapy resources for teachers

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Picture of kindergarten graduation ideas from Anderson’s Early Childhood Development catalog

Anderson’s Early Childhood Development

Personalized pre-school and kindergarten supplies for young students

Picture of day care supplies from Daycare A to Z catalog

Daycare A to Z

Pre-K activities, supplies, and furniture for daycare centers

Picture of early childhood education resources from Early Childhood by School Specialty catalog

Early Childhood by School Specialty

Toys, resources and books for Pre-K to Grade 2

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Picture of rainbow resource center from Rainbow Resource catalog

Rainbow Resource

Early learning resources to promote early childhood development

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Picture of us school supply from U.S. School Supply catalog

U.S. School Supply

Crayons, art supplies, and more for early learners

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Picture of Carson Dellosa catalog from Carson-Dellosa Publishing catalog

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Educational books and materials for pre-k students and up

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Picture of early learning activities from Kaplan Early Learning Company catalog

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Early learning resources, materials and supplies for early childhood development

Picture of pre k activities from Early Learning Classroom Supplies by Nasco catalog

Early Learning Classroom Supplies by Nasco

Pre-K Activities and early learning supplies

Picture of school outfitters from School Outfitters catalog

School Outfitters

Preschool furniture, equipment, early learning resources and more

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Picture of cooperative games from For Small Hands - Montessori Services catalog

For Small Hands - Montessori Services

Learning toys, tools and collections for early learners

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Picture of toy globe from Learning Resources catalog

Learning Resources

Pre-K activities like educational games, toys, and lesson plans

Picture of Edushape from EduShape catalog


Developmental toys, foam blocks, water toys and music toys for infants to age 5

Picture of mead office supplies from Mead ® catalog

Mead ®

School supplies, early learning workbooks, flash cards and more

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Picture of Music For Little People from Music For Little People catalog

Music For Little People

Musical instruments for little ones, toys, mp3s and more musical essentials

Picture of really good stuff for teachers from Really Good Stuff catalog

Really Good Stuff

Early childhood activities, books and resources for early learners

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Picture of preschool supplies from Summit Pre K & Kindergarten catalog

Summit Pre K & Kindergarten

Pre-K games, activities and kindergarten learning aids

Picture of School Specialty catalog from School Specialty - Education Essentials catalog

School Specialty - Education Essentials

Educational books and materials for pre-k students and up

Friendly Advice
Today's friendly advice is about;

Pre-K Activities

Pre-K activities are designed to keep the attention of young minds while also helping them learn. Teaching pre-k students can be no easy task. Teachers want to prepare students for the challenges of kindergarten while still giving them a creative outlet to laugh and play. Pre-K students often can't read or write yet, so activities must be creative and hands on. Games, puzzles, and other pre-k activities can be ordered and delivered right to your home from one of the education catalogs at

Pre-K Curriculum

Choose pre-k activities and games that will challenge students while giving them the skills needed to incorporate math into their everyday lives. Choose from a variety of craft projects and other activities that are fun for parents and for kids. From learning tools like full color board games to fun decorations to make your classroom fun and interesting, you'll find everything you need for the school year at Parents can teach their pre-k students at home with learning tools for parents that will help you every step of the way. Also check out some of the pre-k activities and games in the catalogs on our site!

Pre-K Curriculum

Teachers can bring structure to their pre-k class this year with per-k curriculum guides and other resources just for teachers! Children learn by doing and in most cases, simply learning from a textbook won't do the trick. Shop pre-k activities for young learners that will help build some of the basic skills needed to get them ready and on their way to kindergarten. You'll also find fun games and activities that will hold their interest while teaching them basic learning skills like problem solving and organization. Shop the best brands in pre-k supplies from the catalogs at

Latest Trends

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